It's Time to Tokenize Open Source Software

Dev Protocol lets GitHub users tokenize their OSS projects in a few clicks. Creating an OSS token allows projects to access sustainable funding, create underlying economic models for their project, and distribute incentives at scale. For the first time, OSS projects have a scalable solution to unlock their value.

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Stakes Social is Dev Protocol’s user facing application where OSS projects and patrons connect. OSS projects use Stakes Social to tokenize, obtain patrons, build communities, and incentive stakeholders in order to grow their project. Patrons use Stakes Social to stake the DEV token for OSS projects they support.

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Stake DEV to support an OSS project on

Apply your OSS project on

Unlock OSS' Value

Create a token for your OSS project to unlock its value on Stakes Social. You decide the token name, abbreviation, and whom to share it with. Dev Protocol mints 10,000,000 units of your token on the Ethereum blockchain. OSS tokens can leverage all of Stakes Social’s features.

Dev Protocol introduces Grant Farming as an OSS funding solution. Patrons stake the DEV token for projects they support which mints new DEV tokens based on the protocol’s APY, for both the OSS project and patron. Project rewards are programmed to be sent to the OSS token holders.

Provide your patrons with perks such as premium features, support, and feature requests.

Implement Governance capabilities to your OSS token allowing tokenholders to vote on crucial decisions such as leadership, roadmaps, and financing.

OSS projects can now incentivize GitHub contributions using their OSS token as a reward.

Projects on Dev Protocol

1600+ OSS projects
onboarded to Dev Protocol

DEV is an inflationary token that is rewarded to patrons and OSS projects for being active participants in the Dev Protocol ecosystem. The Dev Protocol inflation rate for minting is determined by the total amount of DEV staked versus OSS projects onboarded. The result is a sustainable counter-balance system.

Patrons stake DEV tokens for OSS projects they support which mints new DEV tokens for themselves and the OSS project. This is a new way of crowdsourcing knowledge for the value of public goods.

The DEV token will become a governance token that governs the Dev Protocol treasury, the inflation rate, and submitted proposals.

Dev Protocol takes a 5% OSS token fee upon minting that is then sent to the Dev Protocol Treasury which DEV token holders will eventually govern. Meta-Governance capabilities will allow DEV token holders to vote on the underlying portfolio of OSS tokens. Think of it as the world’s first OSS ETF.

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Open Assets

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Dev Protocol’s mission is to provide Open Assets a sustainable value capture model. Open Assets are free to consume and share like Youtube videos, Spotify music, and Academic research. Stakes Social will eventually support the tokenization of these markets to unleash their untapped economic value.


Dev Protocol is being adopted


DEV Market Cap

The total value of all DEV circulating.


DEV Price

The current price of DEV token.


DEV Staked Ratio

The percentage of DEV tokens that are staked from circulating supply.


DEV Staked Value

The total value of DEV staked.


Creator APY

The current yield for creators.


Staker APY

The current yield for stakers.


Supply Growth

The current supply growth of DEV.


OSS Projects Onboarded

The total number of creator assets onboarded.


Creator's Rewards USD

The value of current creator's rewards in USD.


Mayumi Hara is a serial entrepreneur that has been building brands since 2011 in various industries. In 2014, she found that traditional artisans dealing with national treasures were undervalued, which led to her building an ecosystem in which the creator’s value is fairly valued.


Aggre is a programmer who is committed to open internet technology, constantly updating his compatibility with the latest tech stacks and solving everyday challenges with technical ideas. He is building Dev Protocol, believing that crypto is the best way to achieve OSS sustainability while maintaining decentralizability and openness.


Mariko is a project manager with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial industry for almost 20 years, leading implementation of a wide variety of financial systems for the largest securities, megabanks and regional banks in japan.

Governance Lead

Dr. Eelco Fiole leads Dev Protocol's Governance with a focus on Social tokens. With his input, the Creator community will benefit from enhanced governance for their projects, potentially attracting more and better financing, increased acceptance and wider adoption. Dr. Fiole has served as CFO of the Tezos Foundation and is a cofounder of Alpha Governance Partners.

Lead Developer

Akira is an enthusiastic blockchain developer, having deep experiences on a major crypto exchange in Japan. He has diverse knowledge with Ethereum, Recommendation engines, and Big Data analysis. Additionally, Akira is a long time OSS committer.

Developer Relations

Kazuyoshi has over 15 years of development experience and has created many products, from small to large scale projects. In addition to that, he is involved in the technical assistance of developers as an organizer of multiple OSS communities.

Creator Success Advisor

Hiroki Omae has devoted himself to Unity Technologies since 2010, and successfully launched the Japanese subsidiary, where he worked helping with Unity promotion and developers’ problem-solving. His main focuses are to share his experience in growing creator businesses, raising awareness of the new technology and building platforms to grow the Dev ecosystem.

Community Growth and Blockchain researcher

Pedro Alves (P.), a pentalingual economist and a socioeconomic analyst, has been studying Bitcoin since 2012 and is dedicated to social change through blockchain as well as to educating diverse users for community growth.

Ecosystem Growth

Andrew has been an entrepreneur in the crypto space since 2012 and has a wide knowledge in crypto and investment. He is dedicated to learning in many aspects of life and is working to enhance the value of the ecosystem from diverse insights.

Communications Lead

In addition to working as an English teacher for 10 years, Kent is also experienced in English and Japanese interpreting and translation as a freelancer. Kent will apply his skills learned through years of work to lead communication among multicultural team members to move forward together.

Backend Developer

Hattori is a full stack software engineer mainly specializing in backend development. Previously, he worked with a Japanese startup and crypto exchange. Hattori is an avid OSS developer who has been maintaining various OSS projects for a decade.

Design Lead

Stas is a full-stack designer, a one man band for visual and product design. He is a big fan of Web3 aesthetics and crypto-community ideas. These interests led him to support leading Blockchain projects.

Developer Relations

Vincent is experienced in community development and maintains front-end OSS projects. He is also involved in different open-source communities, and motivates a lot of people to contribute to open-source, and organized multiple events.

General Manager

Masako helps the team improve their productivity. She has experience working in government and trade companies and worked with diverse people from all over the world. She always makes sure the team is focused on their work.

Director, Monex Ventures, Inc.

Yo is responsible for investing in the blockchain and crypto space for Monex Group, Inc., the parent company of Monex Ventures. Furthermore, Yo is an advisor to Coincheck, Japan's leading crypto exchange. Yo has extensive knowledge and experience in both traditional financial markets as well as crypto businesses.

Partner & CEO at MIRAISE

Shin is uniquely positioned to support engineer-founders in Japan with his deep technical experience as a former developer as well as his operational experience as CEO of Skype Japan K.K. and as a Partner at Atomico for several years. Shin received his Bachelor's degree from the Keio University in physics. Kauffman Fellow from Class 20.

CEO at HashHub

Junya is CEO at HashHub, a blockchain studio based in Tokyo, Japan. HashHub is a blockchain company. Consultation with Enterprise, Research Institute, and organize crypto communities within Japan and the rest of the world. They have officially partnered with ConsenSys.

Director at Open Innovation Network

Tamio worked as a venture capitalist for five years in the United States and 18 years in Japan. He is currently working as a program officer on venture investment for the Japan Science and Technology Agency and supports many startups.

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