Sustainable Creator Economy

Decentralized funding where creators and backers work together to drive project growth and are equally rewarded.


Launch your economy, support your favorite creators, and join the collaborative world through apps.


Empowering all creators for sustainable challenges.

Decentralized funding, Social tokens, DAOs and everything you need for a sustainable creator economy is here.

Super flexible use everywhere


Sustainable incentive scheme that benefits both creators and users and bring financial freedom for creators.

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A scalable ecosystem

Khaos Oracle securely authenticates ownership of all creators works, and DEV token holders can expand the range of supported assets.

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Decentralized solutions for creators

Everything is OSS and open to integration with DEV for anyone who develops apps and services for creators.

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DEV Token

The currency for a sustainable ecosystem

DEV can be used to support creators and improve the sustainability of their activities. Any creators even who makes free assets can realize the true value of their works.

MAXIE Tokens

Index for Creator Economy

MAXIE can support all creators with one transaction, boosting global creativity and allowing index investment in the Creator Economy created there.

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Hello, Creators

Launch your social tokens with proof of ownership of your projects and open the door to Web 3.0. Dev Protocol supports sustainable revenue opportunity and global expansion by using crypto assets. And you can share your success with your fans!

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Creator Success Stories


Vyper is a Python-like language for writing EVM smart contracts. Vyper is used in Uniswap v1 and CurveFinance contracts. They had trouble collecting donations even though they were bringing in a lot of revenue for many blockchain projects. They raised $20,000 in donations in one year, but received about 10 times that amount, $240,000, in one year with Dev Protocol.

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Hi, Patron!

Here is the future where you can support your favorite creators and succeed together. You can earn crypto assets by supporting creators and have access to wonderful patron only perks (NFT). Welcome to the new symbiotic economy of creators and patrons.

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