The best way to launch Creator Business

Creators can start monetization of any kind of works by issuing their social tokens (ERC-20) and then promoting them to the community. It's like a "stock company" with all the features you need to grow your business, including efficient management of ownership and distribution of revenue.

Getting started



Dev Protocol makes it easy to tokenize and authenticate the ownership of the creator’s work (e.g.: GitHub repository for OSS developers), and “Property tokens” are issued by each work. It works like an “Equity”, automatically monetizing and distributing rewards to its holders.


Staking is a mechanism that increases rewards through the temporary deposit of DEV tokens toward a property. By using staking to trade your business, you can bring in new kinds of subscriptions that are long-term and sustainable.


Market is a contract to define the tokenizable assets in Dev Protocol, which can be added by community governance. It uses Khaos to add a variety of assets in a very flexible way.


Khaos is a very unique oracle service designed to bring Internet data into blockchains while keeping secret information, such as secret tokens, under wraps. It can prove the ownership of the work securely.

DEV token

The DEV token is a unique currency designed for creators. It works as a common incentive on its ecosystem.