Community Partners

Community Partners help us educate people about web3 and, become a part of their creator success

  • The Algorithms's Logo

    The Algorithms

    Open Source resource for learning Data Structures & Algorithms and their implementation in any Programming Language

  • GitHub's Logo


    GitHub is one of the world’s largest community of developers. It’s an intricate platform that fosters collaboration and communication between developers.

  • WebXDAO's Logo


    An Open Source Community that focuses on the future of the web

  • Experify's Logo


    A 3D printing and 3D scanning service placed in Plovdiv. We provide wide variety of services and materials: prototyping, cosplay props, educational projects, robotics, etc.

  • Microsoft For Startups's Logo

    Microsoft For Startups

    We believe that entrepreneurship should be open to all and that anyone with an idea deserves a way to innovate and grow. Founders Hub helps remove traditional barriers to building a tech company by democratizing historically inaccessible resources including expert mentorship.

  • Intlify's Logo


    Intlify is a project that aims to improve Developer Experience in software internationalization. We will aim to improve the Developer Experience of internationalization by providing libraries, frameworks, and tools that break down barriers to internationalization.

  • Code for Japan's Logo

    Code for Japan

    Code for Japan is one of the largest communities of civic hackers in Japan. We organize hackathons to improve and promote civic tech and collaborate with local governments and communities.

  • Chainwhiz's Logo


    Chainwhiz provides developers a platform to discover, and solve open-source dapp bounties and earn bounty rewards. Join us and start building better Web3 goods.